Bentley Regeneration


The City of Canning is assisting the Housing Authority with their infill development project to provide excellence in the regeneration of the Bentley area.

The Housing Authority is aiming to provide 1.500 new dwellings in an area of more than 25 hectares. 

The proposed regeneration contains a new commercial area as well as a new community learning centre with different facilities and well distributed public open spaces.

The City of Canning is focused on delivering the quality and functionality of parks, either inside the project area and in the area that surrounds it, traffic improvements and the design of the community.

The City of Canning has already put in place the planning framework that will allow development to commence.

The City has also commenced delivering improvements to the amenity of Bentley, including the redevelopment of Page Park. 

Select the following link to view the Local Structure Plan for the Bentley Regeneration Area.


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