Emergency Preparedness in the City of Canning



Western Australia faces a range of natural and manmade hazards, many of which have the potential to threaten life, cause injury, damage property and the environment. Local government is the level of government closest to the community and its residents and so is best placed to ensure appropriate plans and systems are in place.

The City of Canning is committed to ensuring the safety of our residents and in meeting our legislated responsibilities under the Emergency Management Act 2005 has developed plans in the event an emergency or large scale incident should occur.


Emergency Management Plans

The Local Emergency Management Plan can be found here.

The City of Canning Emergency Risk Management Plan has recently been reviewed and will be posted here shortly. The risk management process identified a number of risks that the City and its residents may face; the following events were identified as key risks that may impact the district. Severe Storms, Major Road Crash, Air Crash, Heatwave and Fire.


Local Emergency Management Committee (LEMC)

In addition the State’s Emergency Management Act 2005 requires all Local Governments to establish a Local Emergency Management Committee (LEMC) The City of Canning shares this responsibility with the City of South Perth. The Canning/South Perth LEMC meet quarterly, members include City staff and representatives from key agencies such as DFES, SES and WA Police.


Community Preparedness Information

Whilst we cannot eliminate natural disasters we can better prepare ourselves to cope with the effects they may have on us. 

To assist our residents in preparing for emergencies, the City has produced Emergency Preparedness Brochure containing important information in how to better prepare yourself, your family and property for an emergency.


The brochure is available in the following languages for download or copies of the brochure and important phone number magnet can be found at the City of Canning Administration Civic Centre or look for the Community Safety Stations at all City of Canning’s library and Leisureplex facilities.

English | Mandarin | Cantonese | Indonesian | Arabic | Italian


How Can I Receive Emergency Information?

A critical part of managing an emergency is being able to communicate with our residents, it is important residents know how to receive alerts and updates immediately after an incident. Radio is considered the best communication tool to provide you with immediate information.
Find your ABC Radio Frequency - Listen to your ABC Local Radio station for emergency updates, advice and information. ABC Radio will replay emergency warnings at regular intervals until the emergency is over. Tune into ABC local Radio 720 or click here to find your ABC frequency. 

The City will also relay public information messages via its website, Facebook and Twitter pages. Follow @cityofcanning for up to date Council information.


Welfare Evacuation Centres

Planning ahead can prevent and minimise loss to human life, wildlife, the environment and property. The City of Canning has strategic bodies and plans in place to safeguard our community and your welfare. 

In the event of an emergency, the City of Canning and the Local Emergency Management Committee has designated a number of evacuation centres. Read more


Animals and Emergencies

To assist residents in the event of a community evacuation, the City of Canning is leading the way in addressing the issue of emergency animal welfare by developing a Mobile Animal Welfare Response Trailer.

All City of Canning nominated Welfare Evacuation Centres adjoin sportingovals and/or school grounds,in the event of a community evacuation the trailer will be stationed on the grounds adjoining the nominated Welfare Evacuation centre and will enable animals accompanied by their owners to receive basic emergency animal welfare provision.

The trailer is fitted with a range of basic animal supplies to support animals whose owners have no other option but to bring them along to the welfare evacuation centre. Please note that pets need to be accompanied by their owners and will only be admitted onto the grounds adjoining the welfare facility and not within the facility itself (assistance animals excepted).

Pets in an Emergency Brochure - Click here to download your copy

Read more about how to prepare your pet in the case of an emergency, as well as view animal plans and kits.


Bushfire Information

Are You at Risk?

Bushfires happen every summer; they can start suddenly and without warning, typically Western Australia’s (WA) bushfire season in the south west starts in November and continues through to April, however as climate and seasonal conditions change, bushfires in WA are becoming more common and the risks are increasing. Read more

Click here to view the Fire and Fire Prevention page

Click here to view the City of Canning's Annual Fire Hazard Reduction Notice

Click here to view the City of Canning’s Annual Fire Hazard Reduction Notice and other important information brochure


Evaporative Air Conditioners - Did You Know?

Your evaporative air conditioning unit can catch fire from embers coming from bushfires or even small back yard fires that can happen in your neighbourhood. If a fire starts in your air conditioner, it can spread quickly throughout your home. Find out more by clicking on the brochure below:

English | Mandarin | Cantonese


Household Preparedness & You 

Get ready be ready! 

Having an emergency plan is an important step towards preparing your household to survive and cope during an emergency; read more

Preparedness experts recommend for all households to have an emergency kit prepared.

A few hours spent working through simple planning tasks with your family, putting aside supplies and securing you home can increase the chances of survival during an emergency.  www.preparingfortheunexpected.com.au


Communication and Staying in Touch

In an emergency how will you stay in contact with your family and loved ones? Read more

Cut out the following Emergency contact cards to make sure your family has important phone numbers and emergency contacts in case networks go down.

Keep a copy in your purse, wallet, car, office and in your child’s school bag.

Emergency Contact Cards


State Emergency Service (SES)  

The Western Australian State Emergency Service (SES) is a volunteer based division of the Department Fire and Emergency services. It plays a key role in countering the effects of natural and man-made emergencies. Read more

The City of Canning is fortunate to have an active unit of the State Emergency Service on call to assist in times of need. Volunteers are highly trained and able to assist the community during storms, floods and other emergencies at any time, day or night.

Would like to become a SES Volunteer or are interested in finding out more about the SES please visit www.canningses.net.au

Many disasters such as house fires and storm damage can be prevented, the following brochures/links contain practical information in how to better prepare you and your family for an emergency.



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