Fire and Fire Prevention

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Annual Fire Hazard Reduction Notice

Under the provisions of the Bush Fires Act 1954, as a measure for preventing the outbreak of fire, or for preventing the spread or extension of a fire, the City requires all owners and occupiers of land to comply with the Annual Fire Hazard Reduction Notice  all year round.

Annual Fire Hazard Reduction Notice & Important Information  - Click here to download the brochure 

Property Owner Notification

The City of Canning advises property owners each year by way of advertising in the local newspaper, website and mailing of the Annual Hazard Reduction Notice with the annual residential rates notice. Penalties for non-compliance apply. 

Firebreak and Fire Hazard Inspections

Firebreak and Fire Hazard Inspections are conducted by Authorized Fire Control Officers to ensure compliance with the City’s Annual Fire Hazard Reduction Notice.

The City of Canning is working towards ensuring all owners and occupiers of land within the district complete and maintain adequate fire hazard reduction measures. Penalties for non-compliance apply.

For additional information phone Ranger and Community Safety Services on 1300 422 664.

Firebreak Contractors

  1. contractors who may be willing to assist landowners to comply with the Fire Hazard Reduction Notice include:

Canning Vale Rural and Urban Services      0418 853 362

Bushfire Prevention and Planning              0400 094 934

Koopman Earth Moving                                  9451 6482

Commercial and Industrial Mowing            0417 911 596

Darling Range Environmental Works          0488 365 968

Adelby Pty Ltd T/A Firebreaks & Slashing        9498 7124

The City does not warrant or guarantee the standard of works performed by the above contractors. The names are supplied in good faith and City Officers have no input into the pricing or quotes provided by a contractor. Landowners, particularly absentee owners, should not assume the contractor has undertaken all the work that might be required to achieve compliance with the Annual Fire Hazard Reduction Notice. Regardless of any contractual relationship between the parties, the landowner remains legally responsible to ensure full compliance with the Notice.

For additional information phone Ranger and Community Safety Services on 1300 422 664.

Permits to Burn

Permits will not be granted on land with an area less than 2,000m2. Permits are issued free of charge for up to seven days and always expire on the Sunday. An application for a permit to burn must be completed and submitted to the City at least three business days prior to the intended burn period.

To download an Application for Permit to Burn, please click here.


Fire Hazard Reduction in Bush Land Forever Sites

The City, in association with Department of Fire and Emergency Services (DFES) has fire management plans for each of its six Bushland Forever areas. Bushland Forever environments provide protection for remnant vegetation and provide important habitat for wildlife. The City undertakes annual fire mitigation works to reduce the potential fire hazard in Bushland.

This program includes:

• Installation and maintenance of firebreaks

• The control of weeds

• Slashing and mowing

• Selective tree and canopy pruning.

Visit the City of Canning Bush Forever webpage & Conservation & Environment pages

Living Near Bushland

In addition to complying with the requirements of the Fire Hazard Reduction Notice, residents living near Bushland are encouraged to take further actions to reduce the risk of fire to their home. This includes implementing a Building Protection Zone (BPZ) around your home. 

The more you prepare your property the better the chance it will survive a bushfire, even if you are not there!    

What is a Building Protection Zone?

Building Protection Zone (Circle of safety)

DFES Building Protection Zones - additional information

Bushfire Prone Zones

Bush Fire Prone Zones are areas identified by the Fire and Emergency Services Commissioner as being subject, or likely to be subject, to bush fire attack. A Bush Fire Prone Zone is identified by the presence of and proximity to bush fire prone vegetation. If you live in a designated Bush Fire Prone Zone, you may be subject to additional planning and construction requirements.

To see if you live in a Bush Fire Prone Zone visit:


Total Fire Ban

A Total Fire Ban (TFB) may be declared by the Department of Fire and Emergency Services (DFES) because of extreme weather conditions or when widespread fires are seriously stretching firefighting resources. When a Total Fire Ban is declared, it prohibits the lighting of any fires in the open air and any other activities that may start a fire. 

Click here to view the current fire ban alerts.


What is a Fire Danger Rating?

The fire danger rating (FDR) is based on the forecast weather conditions and gives your advice about the level of bushfire threat on a particular day. 


 Click here to learn more about fire danger ratings. 

DFES Brochures

The following Department of Fire and Emergency Services (DFES) information is available for download in a variety of languages. Read more

Fire Emergency Alert Telephone Warning System

Read more

DFES Important Phone Number List

  1. here

Emergency Preparedness in the City of Canning

For additional information about preparing for an emergency, please click here.

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