Core Programs: Early Childhood

Pobblebonk Swamp

Frog features, life cycle and habitatsPage 1 - Litoria adelaidensisHB

Join us down at Pobblebonk Swamp to investigate the amazing features of different frogs that live along our local waterways. Learn about frogs that sound like motorbikes and frogs that do not develop from tadpoles – astonishing! Discover how your school can help protect frogs by creating a frog friendly hangout at your school.

$7 per student (incl. GST)
1.5 hours
WA Curriculum – Sc | HASS | Tech | CCT | ER | Sust.
EYLF – Outcomes 2 & 4

Bush Detective

Investigating local animals and places Page 2 - Bush Detective reduce Magnify Glass

Many of our native animals are very secretive and can be difficult to find! Students study real examples of animal evidence such as skulls, feathers and nests and go on an investigative bush walk around the Canning River. Students record their observations by making a model of their own to take home.

$7 per student (incl. GST)
1.5 hours
WA Curriculum – Sc | HASS | ER | Sust.
EYLF – Outcomes 2 & 4


Creepy Crawlies in the Canning

Exploring life underwaterPage 2 Creepy Crawlies tray reduce

Investigate what lives in the Canning River without even getting wet! Students access the riverbank and utilise scoop nets to sample river life. The fascinating features of aquatic tiny invertebrates are viewed up close using our ‘larger than life’ projection equipment. Students also consider the importance of caring for our river system and what they can do to help.

$7 per student (incl. GST)
1.5 hours
WA Curriculum – Sc | HASS | CCT | ER | Sust.
EYLF – Outcomes 2 & 4


Djarlgarra Yarning K - Y12  2017 Dates

Canning River Stories’ 

The Nyoongar people’s strong connection with the wetlands and rivers that flow across the Swan Coastal Plain forms the basis for much of their culture, spirituality, and identity. Follow the footsteps of the Nyoongar people to experience first-hand how the resources provided by the land and river were traditionally used and how the seasons dictated their availability and sustainable use. Page 8 - Djarlgarra reduce - Young kids

*This program is adapted to each year level based on WA Curriculum content.

Term 1 Wk 10 - April 3, 4, 5
Term 2 Wk 5 - May 22, 23, 24
Term 3 Wk 7 - Aug 28, 29, 30
Term 4 Wk 4 - Oct 30 & 31, Nov 1

9.30am - 11.30am or 12.00pm - 2.00pm
$9 per student (incl. GST)
2 hours
WA Curriculum – Sc | Tech | M | HASS | Lit | CCT | IU | A&TSI | ER | Sust.